The Way of the Cateye

Order off the menu - that's why we have one.
No Camping if campground (restaurant) is full. Lots of hungry folks to feed. Don't be surprised if you are asked to leave after you have eaten if we have a line.
We will gladly substitute nothing for anything, or we might substitute something for something, but we will never substitute something for nothing (no guarantees, ever).
Ask for water if you want it.
Being annoying is prohibited (open to our interpretation, staff excluded).
You will discover we don't take Discover or American Express (Sorry Jerry Seinfeld).
We don't and won't poach your eggs.
If you have a fork then you don't need a spoon to stir your coffee.
Order all your condiments: salsa, cream, honey, ketchup, etc. when you order the rest of your stuff. All at once, that's the idea.
Put your money on the table edge when you are ready to bolt.
Clean your plate - expect chastisement if you don't.
Save room for dessert with ice cream, naturally.
Expect a smart remark when you ask "What's good?"
Finish your coffee.
No asking for more coffee just because you yacked too long while it got cold.
Please don't say, "We're ready to order now" (unless the service is really bad in which case tell Kev or Tina first thing!)
We love kids, help us keep it that way. Children will be frisked for Cheerios, if there is a Cheerio party, please pick up after your child.
If you're smoking in here you'd better be on fire. Expect extinguishing.
Don't even think about drinking and driving or you're in big trouble with Kev.
50 cents off to anyone who wears their own Cateye glasses throughout their entire meal. No lenses required. Add a cowboy hat for 50 more cents.

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