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Breakfast Menu

Huevos Gringos$8.25   Wavy Gravy $8.50
A mountain of Mexican stuff: homemade beans, taters, salsa, 2 over-easy eggs, cheese, sour cream and cilantro, on a flour tortilla   Huevos but with real sausage gravy instead of cheese and salsa...
The Catastrophe$8.25   The Rae $7.75
Taters, veggies, scrambled eggs, cheese, salsa and toast...   Taters, veggies, beans and salsa with dry toast its good and its vegan! Fancy rae add cheese...75 cents.

Cateye Burrito
Bacon and seasoned beef, scrambled eggs, pinto beans, chilies, cheddar cheese, chili verde, tortilla... $8.75

Biscuit open faced with 2 scrambled eggs, 2 strips bacon, and melted cheese, served with taters ... $8.50

Wonder Scrambles
3 eggs - like omelet's but easier to say, served with taters & 1 slice of toast, 2 slices of toast on request
Western - Ham, mushrooms and swiss cheese $8.75   BLT - Bacon, spinach and tomato$8.75
Greek - Spinach, olives, sundried tomatoes, feta cheese $8.75   Baconable - Bacon bits and cheddar cheese $8.00
Vegable - Veggies and cheddar cheese ... $7.75. Add chilies ... $8.00  Hamble - ham, cheddar $8.50
Popeye - (Sophisticat!) Spinach, cream cheese and bacon ... $8.50
Fishbowl - Salmon, cream cheese, spinach and tomatoes ... $9.75

Cateye Standards
The Smidge (Basic) 2 eggs, taters and toast    $6.75

Sausage -n- Eggs $7.75  Ham -n- Eggs$8.75
Hand-pattied, with taters and toast...hand carved shank ham, with taters and toast...
Bacon -n- Eggs$7.50  Meatloaf -n- Eggs$8.75
3 strips bacon, taters and toast ... Homemade, Cateye style with taters and toast...
Come & Get It! $9.00  Gravy Love$9.00
Chicken Fried Steak -n- Eggs, slathered in real sausage gravy, with taters and toast... Buttermilk Cathead biscuits smothered in real sausage gravy with 2 eggs and taters...
Johns Ox - veggie and ham mother-lode scramble with cheese, taters & Biscuits -n- Gravy$10.00

Breakfast Sandwiches

The FelixFried egg, crispy prosciutto, roasted red paper aioli, spinach, gouda cheese on a torta roll...$9.75
The ElmerHam, scrambled eggs, spinach and cheddar cheese on a giant english muffin...$8.75

The Aristocrat of the Griddle

BBFT - aka Banana Bread French Toast... Topped with catnip cream and whip cream
With eggs or taters... $8.25    a La Carte... $6.75
Or, made from French bread with... eggs or taters... $7.25    a La Carte... $6.50

The Cowgirl - 1 piece banana bread french toast, taters, 2 pieces o` bacon... $7.75
Sub sausage "The Cowboy" $8

Homemade Buttermilk Pancakes
They melt in your mouth! (No mixes used in our kitchen)
Topped with catnip cream and whip cream
2 A La Carte... $5.75   with eggs... $7.75    Blueberry... $7.75
Pan - San Style ... 2 bacon, 2 eggs, 2 cakes... $8.50
Kitty Cake... $3.75

Oatmeal - Buckeye oats for our fitness gurus... With nuts, dried fruits, `nanas, brown sugar, milk and toast... $7.75    Brainola - Our homemade hodgepodge makes you smarter w/nuts, dried fruit, yogurt, `nanas milk and toast... $7.75